Should Girls Read Boys’ Books?

I have a book review blog over at In Which I Read Vintage Novels, my own blog. Today’s post is one I thought might be of interest to readers here.

Should Girls Read Boys’ Books?

One day in conversation I recommended a whole squad of books to a young lady. John Buchan would certainly have featured among them, but I’m sure others would have included The Prisoner of Zenda, Journey Through the Night, Biggles or even some Chesterton or Scott. Her reply amazed me. She would love to read all those books, she told me. There was nothing she loved as much as tales of thrilling adventure in far places. Unfortunately, her mother didn’t wish her to read many books like this and preferred her to read mainly ‘ladylike’ books like those of Louisa May Alcott.

Since I never had any reading guidelines, I was surprised to hear that anyone’s mother could impose a guideline like this. However since then I’ve noticed that lots of parents are trying to guide their children into good reading that will, in the short years of their youth, prepare them well for the days ahead of them.

The question parents ask is this: What kind of reading will help my daughter to develop a Godly femininity? What kind of reading will best develop a quiet, gentle spirit? What kind of reading will prepare her best to love home, husband, and children and make her a fruitful vine?

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